History Curriculum Intent

“People are trapped in history and history is trapped in people.” James Baldwin

Statement of intent

History at Giles provides children with the opportunity to access a broad and rich curriculum of Historical knowledge and skills. The knowledge is sequenced to be logical and the focus of all teaching should be on ensuring children can understand and retain information. Thus, we are aiming for a “stickability” factor.


Teachers should plan History based on the Knowledge Progression document for History. This outlines the topics that should be taught and the content of the sequence of lessons. The teacher should then take this outline and plan lessons to provide the content whilst also inter-weaving historical skills as outlined in the skills progression document.

Delivering lessons

The delivery of History lessons should start with a clear intention of the knowledge you wish the children to gain and the skill you wish them to use to do this. The input part of the lesson should utilise a range of media and content to ensure “stickability” is achieved. The beginning of each lesson should always recap on the previous lesson and establish the clear link between the two. The end of the lesson should be used to explain where the learning will be taken in the upcoming lesson. We do not expect a written outcome for every lesson however most lessons will feature some kind of work in books. One piece of extended writing should be produced per topic. At the beginning of each topic, the title page should be stuck into books.

Marking and feedback

For all work produced there is an expectation that it should be looked at and marked with LO tick/dot depending on if the child has met it. Alongside this, there is an expectation that basic punctuation is checked. No next steps are required.

Additional information

As part of Remembrance, the whole school takes part in a cross-curricular Art and History activity afternoon. In this, the children produce a range of art pieces linked with Remembrance.

From 2020, Giles will be taking part in a History day with the focus being different every year. This year, we will be looking at the History of Stevenage.

History Intent

History Intent