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At Giles Junior, we take a practical approach to develop the children’s understanding of mathematical concepts by ensuring lessons involve the use of concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and then abstract ideas.  We believe embedding an understanding of these concepts is crucial in providing children with secure foundations they can then build on.

Our aim is to develop independent mathematicians who are confident in approaching unfamiliar, complex problems with greater flexibility.  We want out children to be able to explain their reasoning and express themselves more succinctly using relevant mathematical vocabulary.

Our staff work hard to provide engaging and fun maths lessons and are always looking for ways to link these to real-life situations.

The termly overviews below give a brief outline of the intended coverage across the term, although flexible approach is used by teachers to ensure pupils have secure foundations and may go at a faster or slower pace according to the needs of the class.

We use several websites which can support the children with their maths learning. Please use the links below to access these.  Children’s login details can be found in their home-learning books.