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At Giles Junior School we acknowledge the needs and respective work objectives that the new Primary Physical Education (PE) Curriculum introduces. All the activities must be planned and developed not only to achieve the curriculum objectives but also to ensure positive conditions for social development of the children, particularly the situations of interaction with their peers.

Before the cognitive and social development, the child must develop qualitative physical stages, having in mind that the “critical periods” for the development of those physical/fitness skills are located until the end of the Primary Education (10/11 years old).

At Giles Junior School, our PE & Sports curriculum approach is divided in 3 distinct areas:

-       PE Lessons

-       Sport Clubs Sessions

-       Sport Events

PE Lesson planning, it is important to understand the breakdown of objectives between the Lower Key Stage (Y3&4) and the Upper Key Stage year groups (Y5&6).

Over the Years 3&4, the focus will be in developing activities that require basic actions/skills like Running, Throwing/Catching and Jumping, whilst pupils will also learn the basic actions/skills of all sports taught.

This will develop as pupils reach years 5&6.  Pupils will be ready to start “playing” the game and learn the tactical side, specific strategies and decision making.

The Giles Junior School PE Curriculum is divided in 8 main Units with the following objectives:

Handling Skills – To master the basic actions of throwing, catching, passing and hitting, using one hand at a time, both hands and developing not only the strongest hand/arm but also the weakest hand/arm.

Movement and Balance Skills – To master the basic actions of running, jumping, rolling, changes of direction and speed, balance and kicking not only with strongest foot/leg but also with the weakest foot/leg.

Games – To participate in game situations, choosing and combining the different and appropriate techniques, in order to achieve the game objectives/goals, keeping the spirit of fair play and respect for other.

Athletics – To participate in different events showing mastery of the respective techniques and also compete with others; keep track of personal best performances in order to set targets for improvement.

Gymnastics – To perform basic gymnastic skills in schemes or sequences, on the ground and apparatus, chaining and combining actions with fluidity and harmony of movements.

Dance – To perform and repeat creative and imaginative dance sequences, using movements in a clear, fluent and expressive manner.

Swimming – To feel comfortable in the aquatic environment and swim fluently between 25 and 50 meters unaided, using more than one stroke and coordinate breathing as appropriate for the stroke being used.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities – To choose and perform appropriate skills on nature trails, in accordance with the terrain characteristics and guidance signs, collaborating with colleagues and respecting the rules of safety and environmental protection.

Sport Clubs, we are delighted to offer 12 Sport Clubs across the academic year, whose sessions take part before school, at lunchtime and after school also.

Sport Events, pupils will be taking part in 3 different levels:

Level 1 – Intra School Competitions (ex. Class vs Class);
Level 2 – Inter School Competitions (ex. School Squad vs School Squad);
Level 3 – County Competitions (ex. Representing Stevenage in Herts School Games).

Platinum School Games 2019-2020

Platinum School Games 2019-2020

PE Curriculum Intent

PE Curriculum Intent

PE Achievements

PE Achievements