Family Camp Out – 24th June 2017

We are extremely pleased to report that this year’s Family Camp Out was highly successful, we had 15 tents in total!  Feedback from the event indicates that parents feel the Camp Out provides an opportunity for both parents and children to mix with families in other year groups.  It was great to see families who didn’t know each other synergising to set up their tents, especially as the wind kept trying to take them away!

In light of a suggestion last year, we held the event on a Saturday and started earlier in the day. This was a great improvement as it enabled us to provide bouncy castle sessions for the children. Not only did the children love this, but it also tired them out ready for sleeping in their tents!  A suggestion for improving next year is that we host family games throughout the event, so watch this space.

Thank you to all the families who came and made this such a success and a big thank you must go to Sarah Allcock-Green, and her FOG helpers, for the fantastic organisation that enabled it to run so smoothly.