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Children and Families Committee

The Children and Families Committee focuses on the school’s relationships and activities with the children, parents and the wider community. Our primary concern is with the welfare of the children. We work with the school to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children, staff and visitors by:

  • Ensuring that all current safeguarding advice and guidance is followed
  • Seeking the opinions of children, parents, staff and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring that the school building is safe and accessible to all users
  • Regularly checking that any potential risks are identified and appropriate steps are taken to prevent or minimise them
  • Ensuring that the school has effective methods of communication
  • Providing opportunities for educational and pastoral support for children and parents
  • Providing training in life skills
  • Ensuring smooth and stress free transitions at KS1 and KS2
  • Promoting a thirst for self development

We work closely with the school to ensure that priorities are identified and met. The committee meets each term and works with the other committees to determine medium and long term plans and to ensure that there is appropriate funding.

Curriculum & Standards Committee

The Curriculum and Standards Committee is responsible for ensuring that Giles Junior School provides a balanced curriculum which promotes the development of children and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We monitor teaching and pupil achievement to maintain and improve standards and ensure high expectations. Our work includes:

  • Monitoring progress in children’s books
  • Receiving and analysing data on attainment and progress
  • Holding the Senior Leadership team and teachers to account to ensure they maintain high standards by asking challenging questions
  • Monitoring lessons
  • Talking to children to gain their views
  • Ensuring the school allocates pupil premium funding and sports funding to good effect
  • Supporting learning in the classroom

Over the last 12 months we have been active in the school talking to pupils to gain their views and when issues have been highlighted the school has implemented actions to improve children’s learning. We have met with the head – teacher every half term to discuss how pupil premium funding is allocated and have introduced a new method to record interventions and their impact. We have met regularly to discuss data and have implemented book review meetings to monitor progress more efficiently.

We like to visit the school regularly and are always happy to engage with parents to support their child’s learning. We can be contacted through the school office.

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee is responsible for three main topics – money, people and the premises (buildings and grounds). We work to ensure that the school is able to make the most of its staff, finances and facilities through a range of activities including:

  • Setting the school’s budget and ensuring that the school’s priorities are included
  • Regularly monitoring income and expenditure
  • Ensuring that the school gets the best possible value for the equipment and services we purchase
  • Producing and implementing policies and standards for financial management (including those for Lettings, Charging and Remissions, Debt Recovery )
  • Ensuring that all financial risks have been considered and minimised
  • Determining and implementing the school’s staff pay and performance management policies
  • Drawing up and implementing other personnel policies
  • The recruitment of staff
  • Producing asset management plans for the development of the school buildings and grounds.

On the financial side, we are always balancing what the school wants and needs to do against the limited financial resources we have; members of the committee meet monthly to monitor income and expenditure. We meet as a full committee once each term, and liaise with the school’s other committees on matters such as Pupil and Sports Premium expenditure, how our funds are spent for the benefit of the children in the school, and in securing additional funding.

We have recently produced an action plan for the committee in support of the school’s long term vision and mission.