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Staff Member Role
Heather Davies Headteacher
Louise Racher Deputy Headteacher / Year 5 teacher
Andrea Chappell Assistant Head/Inclusion Manager
Deirdre Whelan Year 6
Christine Woolston Year 6
Stephanie Brookshaw Year 5 SLT
Tom Karrman-Bailey Year 5
Angela Ford Year 4
Gillian Sommerfelt Year 4
Louise Jones Year 3
Helen Cox P/T Year 3 SLT
Laura Pearson P/T Year 3
Kelly Russell Year 3
Mike Brass one to one teacher
Jorge Mendes PE Teacher
Frances Southwell HLTA
Ria Tapner Robinson HLTA
Sarah Allcock-Green HLTA


Teaching Assistants Responsibilities
Pauline Edwards Year 3
Michelle Smith Year 3
Trish Lamacraft Year 3
Jan Clark Interventions
Denise Allaway Year 4
Joanne Slade Year 4
Sarah Boe Year 5
Jackie Ridley Year 5
Ross Marshall Year 6 (PE)
Hannah Durrell Year 6
Ami Mackenzie Year 6 one to one support
Julie Bird Pastoral


 Support Staff Responsibilities
Caroline Alexandrou Office Manager
Mel Brown Office Admin Assistant
Sandra Alloo Office Admin Assistant (maternity leave)
Emma Elliott Office Admin Assistant
Sarah Allcock Green Admin to Inclusion Manager
Larry Brown Site Manager
Stephanie Finn Cook
Natalie Pay General Kitchen Assistant
Mel Brown Head MSA
Denise Allaway Breakfast Club Manager/MSA
Becky Harris MSA/ Breakfast Club assistant
Sara Watts After School Club Manager
Anne Gibson MSA/ After School Club assistant
Jill Johnson MSA/ After School Club assistant
Jan Clark MSA
Deborah Gaze MSA
Rachel Game MSA
Tania Fraser MSA
Jill Johnson MSA / After School Club Assistant
Ami Mackenzie MSA One to One Support
Suzanne Tayler MSA / Cleaner
Gemma Faulkner MSA / Cleaner
Gina Surrey Cleaner