The children and staff at Giles Junior School are able to access the Internet through the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGfL). The HGfL is a service currently supplied to all Hertfordshire Local Authority Schools.

The eSafety of children when using the Internet is of paramount importance to the school and we follow the latest advice of HGfL to inform our policies and practice.

Our latest eSafety Policy can be downloaded from this website.

We know that parents and carers will also be very concerned that their children are protected and safe when using the Internet. The HGfL website has a section dedicated to eSafety with advice to children, parents and carers, governors and school staff.

As a school, we advise that you look at the “Kidsmart” information with your child, especially the videos about Cara and the Crew, which can be found at:

This will help you to have a conversation about all areas of internet safety with your child.

See the latest information from the NSPCC on their site:

SMILE and stay safe

  • Staying safe means keeping your personal details private, such as full name, phone number, home address, photos or school. Never reply to ASL (age, sex, location)
  • Meeting up with someone you have met online can be dangerous. Only meet up if you have first told your parent or carer and they can be with you.
  • Information online can be untrue, biased or just inaccurate. Someone online my not be telling the truth about who they are – they may not be a ‘friend’
  • Let a parent, carer, teacher or trusted adult know if you ever feel worried, uncomfortable or frightened about something online or someone you have met or who has contacted you online.
  • Emails, downloads, IM messages, photos and anything from someone you do not know or trust may contain a virus or unpleasant message. So do not open or reply

Parent Information regarding specific apps

Please also see this documentation regarding relevant apps which your children might be using: