Giles Junior School

Durham Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. SG1 4JQ
Tel: 01438 353374 Fax: 01438 359115

Headteacher: Heather Davies

Enquiries to: Caroline Pellow - Office Manager


Herts For Learning Esafety Newsletters



Summer Term 2017 Spring Term 2017

Autumn Term 2016

PDF file 28th April 2017 (550KB)

PDF file 12th May 2017 (361KB)

PDF file 26th May 2017 (795KB)

PDF file 16th June 2017 (656KB)

PDF file 13th January 2017 (413KB)

PDF file 27th January 2017 (441KB)

PDF file 10th February 2017 (667KB)

PDF file 3rd March 2017 (677KB)

PDF file 17th March 2017 (678KB)

PDF file 31st March 2017 (683KB)

PDF file 16th September 2016 (487KB)

PDF file 30th September 2016 (418KB)

PDF file 14th October 2016 (389KB)

PDF file 4th November 2016 (384KB)

PDF file 18th November 2016 (311KB)

PDF file 2nd December 2016 (342KB)

PDF file 16th December 2016 (484KB)







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