Year 5 Distance Learning

Year 5 Distance Learning Page

In the event of a larger group of pupils isolating lessons will be posted on here to minimise the impact on their learning while they are not able to attend school and have face to face lessons. 

These lessons are based on those which would have been delivered in school.  They have been recorded by the class teachers to allow for a more bespoke experience. The lessons are designed to be watched and listened to on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.  There is no need to print any of the work as all tasks can be written by the child in their home learning book which was sent home earlier this year.

Upon their return teachers will review this learning to inform next steps for the child.

If you require assistance in any way please contact your child's teacher on:

Please be mindful that your child's class teacher may be unwell, or teaching in school so will reply as soon as they are able.

Weekly assemblies will be posted through Seesaw only from Monday 22nd February 2021


Weekly Overview - wb. 1st March 


Year 5 English 01.3.2021

Year 5 Maths 01.3.2021

Year 5 - Spanish 01.03.2021

Year 5 Class Read 01.3.2021

Year 5 Reading Comprehension 01.3.2021


Year 5 English 02.03.2021

Year 5 Maths 02.03.2021

Year 5 - D&T 02.03.2021

Year 5 Reading Comprehension 02.03.2021

 Year 5 Class Read 02.03.2021


Year 5 English 03.03.2021

Year 5 - Maths 03.03.2021

Year 5 PSHE 03.03.21

Year 5 Reading Comprehension 03.03.2021

Year 5 Class Read 03.03.2021


Year 5 English 04.03.2021

Year 5 Maths 04.03.2021

Year 5 Science 04.03.2021

Year 5 Reading Comprehension 04.03.2021

Year 5 Class Read 04.03.2021


Remember to upload your work to Seesaw so that it can be marked.

Posting an Activity on Seesaw

Posting an Activity on Seesaw