Giles Junior School ~ Clubs Spring Term 2022

We are pleased to let you know that extra-curricular clubs will be available again in January (providing that it is safe to do so and no covid restrictions are put in place over the Christmas break). Please see  a brief description about each club and a timetable with all the details for the Spring Term 2022

 All clubs are limited, so places will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis as they are booked.

Please book a space for the club/clubs your child would like to attend through the School Gateway clubs section, or direct with the club as stated below.

The School Gateway booking system will open to parents, at the same time for all our school clubs. This will be on WEDNESDAY 8th DECEMBER AT MIDDAY.

With the other clubs you need to book direct (Stevenage FC, Rock Steady and Technology) these are all open from now, you just need to click on the links below and follow the booking procedure.