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Engaging inclusive sports to all young learners, Pro active healthy lifestyles, Synergized by a balanced curriculum





 Hello, and welcome to our P.E & Sports web page.

This page is to keep you updated with the upcoming sports events at Giles School. 

The sports team consist of:

Mr Stephenson - Head of P.E 

Mr Glennon - Sports coach & Lunch time activity planner 

Mr Bunyan - P.E Apprentice 

At Giles we have a passionate sports team who thrive on encouraging the children of Giles to participate in every P.E lesson and sports activities.

Our mission is to provide an enviroment where every pupil feels happy and safe to take part in sports.

              We differentiate our session plans and adapt them to suit indivisuals needs. We take pride from that all of our pupils at Giles take part in P.E & Sports activities. 


Giles Juniors are part of the Stevenage Sporting Futures Partnership programme.

The programe provides sporting events throughout the school year - Mental health training

- Love your heart programme and many more fun activities for our school to take part in. 

Giles are also part of the Stevenage Schools football & Netball leagues

Head leaders of a cluster schools programme which provides many sporting activities throughout the school year.

Giles are host to Summer sports festivals in competition with other stevenage schools.

Giles Juniors School are currently PLATINUM AWARD holders for the 4th year running 

We are delighted with this achievement and striving to make it 5 times this year.

Lunch clubs for all

All year groups get to join football lunch clubs every week - Summer term is twice a week on school field

Extra Curricular activities

5 sports clubs run every a week 


Cheerleading Club - Football Club - Tag Rugby Club - Multi Sports Club - Netball Club 

Weekly Internal fixtures 

Weekly Competitive Fixtures 

PE at Giles

PE at Giles

Multi-use Astro Pitch

Multi-use Astro Pitch

PE Achievements

PE Achievements

4th time platinum mark

4th time platinum mark

Year 5 in action!

Year 5 in action!