Our Mission

Mission Statement

At Giles Junior School we encourage individuals to recognise and develop their potential within a culture of academic excellence. We engage with children, families and the wider community; developing outstanding leadership skills, good citizenship and emotional and physical well-being.

School Vision 

“Giles Junior School will be regarded as an outstanding school by Ofsted and the local community”

“The academic culture of the school will be self-evident in the consistently high outcomes in achievement for all subjects.”

“The progress made within the school by all children will consistently exceed national standards.”

“Children taught at Giles will demonstrate, with confidence, the enduring impact of the leadership skills and qualities of citizenship they have developed.”

“Giles will have an excellent reputation for the continuous professional development of all staff and the celebration of success.”

“The Governors will further their impact by engaging children, parents and the wider community to consistently improve outcomes for our pupils.”

“The school will build upon their relationships with local primary and secondary schools in support of the student experience and educational excellence.”

“The school will offer a range of programmes, activities and services that actively support local families in raising achievement.”

“Those who study and work at Giles Junior School will associate it with a proactive and collaborative culture in which individuals are supported in recognising and fulfilling their potential.”

“Giles Junior School will be recognised as a school of sporting excellence, reflected in both the activities and successes of students and the use of facilities and programmes by the community.”